Technology is rapidly transforming the way in which the property industry operates, and the enhancement of the tenant experience is quickly becoming the most important aspect. Aoife Gaffney, Managing Director of Grayling Property Management discusses how the application of innovative technologies can enhance the tenant experience, increasing retention rates for property management clients. 


Since the pandemic hit, the increased adoption of new technologies has accelerated change across many organisations, with the property industry market being no different. This can be seen with the influx of Proptech trends like data analytics, digitalisation, and virtual viewings. However, the pandemic is not the only accelerant behind this change. A leading driver of the Dublin rental market is the tech sector, who employ young tech-savvy workers. For this customer base, technology is an expected part of their day-to-day lives. For the rental market, this means that these tenants expect instant & fluid communications, and a sense of community — all at a touch of their fingertips.  


Seamless Communications and Interactions 

From onboarding to occupancy – right through to vacating, we strive to provide residents with an enjoyable experience in what could otherwise be a stressful time, and technology plays a key part in delivering this; it enables seamless communication between tenants and their property management provider, with online platforms facilitating real-time interactions. Such platforms save time, increase efficiency, and alleviate frustrations caused by slow responses; this improves tenant retention thus minimising vacancy periods.  


At Grayling Properties, we are committed to providing best-in-class service to customers and clients. We are soon to go live with a customised app, which will allow our tenants have an online move-in assistant, provide live transport times, report issues with ease, bettering the tenant experience by offering superb customer service through frictionless interaction. 


The Community Element  

Property management companies have an opportunity to address an integral part of the ESG framework through social outreach activities. By building a community for tenants, firms can foster a friendly, inclusive culture and sustainable living environment. 


Through online platforms such as our resident portal, community engagement can be increased by linking tenants in with each other via message boards and forums and organised events. This helps tenants make connections with one another and the locality in which they live, enhancing the rental experience through connectivity.  


At Grayling Properties, we are introducing a Grayling Perks Card through our customised app. This will connect tenants with local businesses & offers, wellness resources and onsite/offsite events with the aim of providing an all-round greater experience, whilst integrating residents into the community. As we move forward in a post-COVID-19 world, the convergence of technology with community will be key to re-invigorating the city-living experience. 


The Benefit 

By enhancing the tenant experience using modern technologies, property management firms can not only reduce vacancy rates, but they can use data collected for more in-depth reporting to clients. This additional data from the users’ own experiences and feedback, can be used to improve service offering and provide demand-led features.  


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