Welcome to Grayling Properties Copy

Transformed from a caterpillar, the Grayling is a native Irish butterfly and a thing of beauty. Just like the butterfly, a Grayling property is reborn as a warm and welcoming, luxurious living space.

A place where you can forge a community with other tenants or be in your own cocoon at the end of a busy day.

In the same way butterflies roost together at night, there is a sense of security here, a feeling you belong.

As with our native butterfly, each Grayling property has its own unique colour and personality, but all of our apartments share strikingly high standards in modern design, convenience and practicality.

We want to bridge the space that often exists between neighbours in modern complexes.

We encourage our residents to engage with each other and build a social and creative community. We support this by fostering an online community for our residents

Our apartments offer functionality and design, and include:

  • Fully furnished living spaces
  • Modern kitchens perfect for cooking, dining and entertaining
  • Contemporary bedrooms with classic storage
  • Stylish bathrooms with top-quality finish

Our urban apartment buildings also offer an assortment of amenities comprising of convenient bike racks, communal notice boards, backyard havens, or your own personal succulent.

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